Downsizing in Retirement Checklist

The task of downsizing the home is pretty tedious. Rather than just trying to remember things one after the other, it is a much better idea to create a proper downsizing in retirement checklist. This would ensure that you are able to look at the possessions which you have in each and every room and thereafter you are able to decide which ones you have to keep with yourself in which ones you have to discard. We would today share with you the checklist which you have to follow which would make it much easier for you to downsize your home.

Downsizing in Retirement Checklist

  1. Taking the measurements of each room in your new home:

You have to know the measurements of each and every room in your new home. This would ensure that you are able to know right from the start the amount of space which you have in your next home.

  1. Does the furniture fit?

The next question which you need to ask yourself is whether the older furniture would fit into your new home. If yes, you have to make a list of the furniture items which would fit. You can sell off rest of the furniture items.

  1. What are the possessions which you want to keep from your current home?

You have to thereafter make a list of the possessions which you want to take with yourself to your new home.

  1. What would be the cost of shipping these items versus the cost of buying them new?

Many times, when the items are bulky the cost of shipping can be higher than the cost of buying newer ones. That is why you have to compare and choose the more affordable option.

  1. Disposing of the items which are not needed:

Thereafter, you have to work towards disposing off the items which you do not need. You can use online classified websites in order to sell them off or you can use the traditional method of a yard sale as well.

  1. Would you want to give certain possessions to your family members?

The possessions which are of emotional value can be given to the family members who would ensure that they are preserved within the family.

  1. Moving the rest of the items:

Thereafter, you have to arrange the transportation for the rest of the items which you want to carry with yourself to your new home.

So, whenever you’re downsizing, this is the downsizing in retirement Checklist which you should always follow.


Downsizing in Retirement Checklist